Dignity For All Students Act (DASA)






The Morris Central School District is committed to providing students a safe learning environment that respects the dignity of all.  On July 1, 2012, the Dignity for all Students Act went into effect, ensuring all schools in New York State implement a plan to both prevent and respond to harassment and bullying.  Kids teasing other kids in school is nothing new. It’s a problem that adults have been trying to solve for many years. The goal of the Dignity Act is to make schools a safer, more comfortable place for all students.


About the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)

The New York State’s Dignity for All Students Act (The Dignity Act) seeks to provide the public elementary and secondary school students with a safe and supportive environment free from discrimination, intimidation, taunting, harassment and bullying on school property, a school bus and/or at a school function, according to the NYS Education Department’s website. Effective on July 1, 2013, the definition of bullying will include cyberbullying as well as harassment that occurs off school property that creates a risk for harm or bullying on school property.

Parents, staff, and community members who are interested in learning more about what they can do to prevent bullying can do so by visiting any of the links below.



The Dignity Act Brochure (PDF - 2.08 MB)
The Dignity Act Fact Sheet
(PDF - 410 KB)